The Sorcerers Realm

Fantasy and wildlife art by Caroline Bradley

Who is Caroline Bradley?

Irish born Caroline Bradley has been drawing and painting since she was a small child, armed with a pencil and sketch book she would draw every chance she got.
Caroline studied art as part of her schooling in Fortwilliam College, but remains proudly self taught.
Caroline's art career started when she would paint and draw commission for co-workers in her various jobs before moving to Australia in 2003.

"December Unicorn"

Since then she hasn't looked back!
With a modest studio on her property about an hour outside of Brisbane, Caroline paints in oils, acrylics, watercolours and is competent with pastels, graphite and pencils, a 'jill of all trades' so to speak :D
Horned equines are the art of choice, but also gracing her canvas are the occasional lions, tigers and bears.. oh my!
Caroline also very occasionally takes commissions.

"playing in the snow"

Although sometimes I get a little help!!!

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